Call For Articles: Industrial Vision 4.0

Industrial Vision is an ISSN 2392-4330 certified annual magazine published by the Society of Industrial Engineering Students- Nepal.

The magazine is dedicated to the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the industrial sector and new technologies, trends and innovations that are revolutionizing the industries. The magazine aims to provide a common ground for engineers, expert, and academicians, professionals as well as students to share their knowledge, vision and experiences in the field of Industrial Engineering.

The magazine will feature research and content articles on an array of topics that constitute the vast field of industrial engineering.

On the Industry Front

  1. Manufacturing Technologies (Smart Manufacturing)
  2. Industry 4.0 (Industrial Re-Revolution)
  3. Production Planning and Development
  4. Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
  5. Industrial applications of Nanotechnology
  6. Data Centers in Industry
  7. Importance of Systems Engineering
  8. Quality Engineering
  9. Maintenance Engineering
  10. Mechatronics
  11. Automation

On Management Front

  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Reverse Logistics for increased profitability
  3. Global Logistics Management
  4. IT Management
  5. New Product Development and Innovation
  6. Service Science and Engineering
  7. Labor Laws and their impact on Workplace relations
  8. Energy Audits and Optimization
  9. Facility Management (layout)
  10. Ergonomics in Workplace
  11. Industry Ethics and Environmental Laws

On Consumer Front

  1. Marketing Trends
  2. Scope of Digital Marketing
  3. Role of Social Media in Advertising and Marketing


  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Project Management

More Importantly! It integrates interviews with Industry Stakeholders, Economy Experts and Social Entrepreneurs to strengthen relationship and create meaningful collaborations for the development of a sustainable industrial future.

Any case studies, research articles and personal opinionated articles concerned with the above contents are highly welcomed. Provide your contact information, including your name, institutional affiliation and contact information along with the article.

Send your articles to:

Deadline for submission: 15th January, 2017

Who can make a contribution? We call experts, industrialist and diligent youths from across the globe to contribute through their insightful articles and ideas to support this meaningful work undertaken by Nepalese Industrial Engineering Students to pull endeavors & underline sustainable approaches to enhance and promote Industrial Sector and moreover execute those ideas in the Nepalese Industrial Sector for its enhancement and growth.

Guidelines for the article:

Dear contributors, please follow these guidelines while emailing us:

  1. Length: The article should have a word limit of 1500-2500 words.
  2. Format: Articles should be double spaced throughout. Use the same typeface and size throughout the article. Italics are preferred to underlines for titles of books.
  3. References: For research articles, include references and work cited. To follow series style (Surname date: page number) in brackets in text. All references/works cited should be listed in full at the end of each article, in the following style:
    Surname, name/initial, title of work, place: publisher, date.
    Surname, name/initial. ‘title of article’. In surname, name/initial (ed.) title of work. Place of publication, publisher, date.
    Surname, name/initial, ‘title of article’, Journal, page no.


  • Write “Article for Industrial Vision” in the subject line. Please include your full name and contact information in the email.
  • The images used in the article should also be attached separately in the same email.
  • Please send your high resolution profile photo with the article and a one-line bio indicating your professional affiliation and experience.
  • Articles shall be edited both for clarity and length.