Call for Sponsors: Industrial Vision 3.0

With the view of all-round development of Industrial engineering students, to create a platform for interaction with the industrial stake holders as well as to give an idea about the industrial engineering, a magazine could be the best mean. Therefore our two successive volumes were published in the last two years. The world of technology is never constant and to inform about the new advancement in the vicinity of industry and the related technology, the continuation on the magazine with relevant content is essential.

     Society of Industrial Engineering Students-Nepal (SOIES-Nepal), in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Thapathali Campus, has envisioned publishing an annual magazine. The main theme of the magazine will be ‘Industrial Empowerment’ through the advanced-updated technologies and methods. The magazine will be platform for the students to interact with the various industrialists, entrepreneurs and other industrial stake holders. The magazine provides an open access platform for the development and evaluation of financial distress prediction, operations management, safety engineering, industrial ethics, ergonomics, economic initiatives for sustainable industrial development, entrepreneurship and supply chain management. Articles from experts in various fields like energy, economics, industries, entrepreneurship and many other are to be incorporated in the magazine.

‘Research to Innovation. Innovation to Industry. Industry to Prosperity.’

Society for Industrial Engineering Students- Nepal
Innovation. Industry. Prosperity.

Proposal for Sponsorship_Industrial Vision 3