Essay Contest:Smart Technology and Industry





Smart technologies are blurring the boundaries between digital and physical world. Smarter production methods are taking over the traditional ones. Smart industry is based on cyber-physical production systems that combine communications, IT, data and physical elements. These systems transform traditional plants into smart factories. Here, machines “talk” to products and other machines, objects deliver decision-critical data, and information is processed and distributed in real time resulting in profound changes to the entire industrial ecosystem. Smarter technologies provides platform from simple security to cyber resilience in Industry, interact with virtual models to identify issues in pre-manufacturing stage. We’re able to get on topic, pull up a 3D model, show the problem and quickly get others on board. Everyone in the room can quickly understand what the issue is and collaborate on resolving it because of smart technologies.

Questions :

 1. History of industrial production and manufacturing process and the new integrated smart technology in different machines and industries, what changes have been seen?  
2. What is Digital Industry? What do they offer?                    
3. How do you Imagine Factories of the Future and the framework that enables innovation ?        
4. What are the challenges in integrating such systems to complicated process?
5. Can you provide a concrete example of Smart Industry Revolutionizing your community, your industry, or even in your family?



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