Interaction with Mr. Prabhakar Ghimire, Senior Consultant at Office of the Investment Board Nepal

Specialization in various sectors like Hydro-power, Transmission Lines, and Transport Systems have high prospect in Nepal, to develop it and help build sustainable infrastructures for a prosperous Nepal. With these key notes of recommendation, Mr. Prabhakar Ghimire expressed his warm wishes to our team, to the students of Industrial Engineering, and to the Industrial Engineering Network. ‘‘The future is to be shaped by techno-commercial students and professionals like you to develop Nepal at its finest.’’, Mr. Ghimire added in the fruitful discussion.

Today, we met Mr. Prabhakar Ghimire, a senior consultant at the Government of Nepal, Office of the Investment Board, at BICC Complex, New Baneshwor. Also, our national publication ‘Industrial Vision- Vision for Industrial Empowerment- Issue 2015’ was handed to the ‘Office of the Board of Investment’.

The Investment Board Nepal (IBN): The Investment Board Nepal was created in 2011 by the Investment Board Nepal Act. IBN was formed to promote economic development in Nepal by creating an investment-friendly environment. It does so by mobilising and managing public-private partnerships (PPPs), cooperatives, and domestic and foreign private investment to accelerate industrialisation and the development of infrastructure in sectors such as hydropower, chemical fertilizers and integrated solid waste management.

Interaction with Mr. Prabhakar Ghimire - senior consultant at Office of the Investment Board