A Meeting with CEO of Ambe Steels Industries

The team met Mr. Keshav Pokhrel, CEO of Ambe Steels Industries (http://www.ambesteels.com). The previous national-level publication by our team: ‘Industrial Vision 2.0: Vision for Industrial Empowerment -2015 Issue’, was handed to him. The meeting was followed by idea-exchange session. ‘Innovation to drive the manufacturing industries – should be the core focus of the technical students and more importantly to Industrial Engineering students to drive productivity and encourage industrial prosperity.’’, Mr. Pokhrel added in a key note of recommendation.

‘’Ambe Steels is ready to explore Industrial Engineering talents and we want to welcome them for activities from Group Work, On-the-Job Training to Internships and Core-team positions.’’, he mentioned later.

Besides, we’re also proud to present ‘Ambe Steels Industries’ as one of our good supporters for the publication of our annual magazine ‘Industrial Vision 3.0 – Innovation-Industry-Prosperity’, the third volume to be published in Falgun, later this year. Thanks!

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