SOIES Nepal Team Meets Mr. Upendra Poudel, President of Nepal Banker’s Association and CEO of NMB Bank

We, SOIES Nepal Team had a meeting with the president of Nepal Bankers’ Association, Mr. Upendra Paudel. Also the CEO of NMB Bank, Mr. Poudel said ”We should together find the effective ways to strengthen the country’s economy and promote long-term prosperity.”We also shared the key objective of our publication.
”Industrial Vision is a promising effort to pave a way to improve productivity, empower industrialization, develop long-term business goals, execute and lead new techno-commercial methods and principles, and ultimately help in the creation of wealth.”

We were pleased to hand our publication ‘Industrial Vision- Vision for Industrial Empowerment – Issue 2015’ to him. Mr. Paudel is a very inspirational and renowned professional in Nepalese Economy.