SOIES Nepal plans to create a public library at Karnali Pradesh

SOIES Nepal plans to create a public library at Karnali Pradesh, surkhet in collaboration with Manoj MC. Help us by donating your used books.

Karnali Pradesh is one of the seven federal provinces of Nepal formed by the New constitution which was adopted on 20 September 2015. It is the largest province in Nepal but the least populous province according to the 2011 Nepal Census. It borders the Tibet autonomous Region of China to the north, Gandaki pradesh to the east, sudurpaschim pradesh to the west, and province no 5 to the south. 

Karnali Pradesh is one of the least developed federal provinces of Nepal comprising of higher mountains land of north and mid-hills of Nepal. The government has no exact data of how many children are out of school. A lot of children drop out midway because of the economic crisis. Even those who get to study are not competitive because of the lack of proper references and study materials. The students of the deprived region complains about not getting books on time. A lot of students do not get to study further because of the lack of books and money. On asking them what SOIES Nepal could do for them, they just asked if we could gift them a library.

Society of Industrial Engineering Students Nepal is a student driven organization which worked solely for the upliftment of Industrial Engineering Students in Nepal till date, but now we have decided to step ahead and extend our services to the welfare of the nation. Lately, SOIES Nepal has volunteered during the massive earthquake with a humanitarian attitude. Keeping that in veins, SOIES Nepal in collaboration with Manoj MC {Mr. Manoj MC is an ex-Xavierian and now is the +2 Program coordinator of one of the most reputed college, Surkhet Horizon Academy located in Birendranagar Surkhet.} has decided to inaugurate a public library at Birendranagar Surkhet. The library will be installed in the premises of the same college and the further extension programs will be followed up.

Birendranagar is the district headquarter of Surkhet and commercial hub of the Karnali state. Students usually come to Birendranagar regularly for commercial purpose. An open library in Birendranagar would help students of any community, rich or poor, privileged or underprivileged, to study all together. SOIES Nepal requests all of us and the readers to kindly donate their books from +2 levels, IOE or IOM preparation Guides or any other books that a library visiting student would read. We envision a state in which all children can pursue a quality education that enables them to reach their full potential and contribute to their communities and the country. SOIES Nepal requests all of you to be a part of this life transforming event.

Please be a part of this huge book donation program at IOE Thapathali Campus, Kathmandu.