The unveiling of Industrial Vision Volume-7

Guests after the event

The event is an annual event, featuring many distinguished faces. The unveiling moment is the peak of the whole event. After unveiling, the whole topic of conversation alters. The start of the event witnesses curiosity regarding the magazine and as it follows; it sees the gradual inclination towards nostalgia of past and inspiration for better future. The sense of mutual concern regarding magazine remains constant throughout the event.

Location of event – Institute of Engineering, Thapathali Campus, Thapathali, Kathmandu.

The COVID-19 impacted the number to a huge extent, as we had to restrict the number of audiences. The protocols were followed. All the invited guests had their presence in the event, it is a great deal for the whole team while accounting for the COVID-19 issue. The event was also attended by the KTM international Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Krishna Ram Jaki Banjar, MD of Guru Ganesh AAC block. They are the sponsors in the Industrial Vision Volume-7.

The event under the Chairmanship of President of SOIES Nepal Mr. Sujan Kharel was blessed with the presence of many prestigious personnel i.e.

Chief Guest- Prof. Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi ( Dean, IOE)
Guest- Prof. Dr. Chinta Mani Pokhrel (Asst. Dean, IOE)
Guest- Er. Janardan Bhatta (Campus chief, IOE, Thapathali Campus)
Guest- Prof. Dr. Laxman Poudel
Guest- Prof Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel
Guest- Er. Sudan Neupane (HoD of Industrial Engineering)
Guest- Er. Subodh Kumar Ghimire (HoD of Automobile and Mechanical Engineering)
Guest- Er. Bishworam Parajuli (Deputy-HoD of Industrial Engineering)
Guest- Er. Krishna Prasad Pandey (Lecturer, Department of Industrial Engineering)
Guest- Er. Sushant Raj Giri(Lecturer, Department of Industrial Engineering)
Guest- Er. Ankit Shrestha(Lecturer, Department of Industrial Engineering)

The event formally began with the felicitation of all the distinguished individuals present. Chief Guest, Campus Chief, and the President of SOIES, Nepal lightened the panas. As a gratitude to the nation, National Anthem was played.

Lighting Panas

 Sabina Poudel, Vice-President of SOIES, Nepal represented the organization and welcomed all the attendees of event. She said, “Publishing the magazine is one of the major endeavors of SOIES, Nepal. It connects technocrats from industrial sectors, which has become a platform for all the students to showcase their knowledge and share their experience. SOIES, Nepal is proud to reach successfully to Vol-7 of ‘Industrial Vision’. It binds us together as engineering students to sketch industrial prosperity in Nepal and globally as well”.

Launching of magazine

Chief Guest, guests and the head of departments were called upon the stage for the unveiling of the magazine, followed by a whole round of applause right after the unveiling. Volunteers then distributed the magazine to all the audience.

Unveiling of magazine

As the representative of the Industrial Vision team, Nalisha Thakuri, editor in chief was called upon for her few words. She thanked all the sponsors and the mentors along the whole journey of Industrial Vision Vol-7. She also took up the joy of addressing her amazingly hardworking team.

Distribution of Certificate of Appreciation stands as the moment for appreciating all the efforts, who tirelessly worked with the magazine in any way possible. It was handed over by Chief Guest, Campus chief, HoD of Industrial Engineering and the president of SOIES, Nepal to all the appreciated individuals.

Being the HoD of Industrial engineering, Er. Sudan Neupane stands as the guardian of industrial engineering students. He shared some of his thoughts as,” We all are familiar about the turbulence created by the COVID-19. But the dedication shown by team of SOIES Nepal is amazing and I would like to congratulate the whole team for being able to successfully launch the printed copy of Industrial Vision Vol-7. The continuous support shown by Campus Chief Sir is the major source of motivation for us and thus we are able to motivate our student throughout their whole journey. I would like to thank you everyone present here from Dept. of industrial engineering and SOIES, Nepal as their guardian. Thank you to all the sponsors who have provided the required financial as well as technical help.’ He addressed guest of the event, Prof. Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel as the ‘Guardian of Industrial Engineering in Nepal’.

Er. Sudan Neupane (HoD of Industrial Engineering)

Prof. Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel is the pioneer of Industrial Engineering in Nepal. He too shared some of his experiences of his journey, during the development of Industrial engineering as course of study in Thapathali Campus. He said ‘There were three things when we started industrial engineering in Nepal. The first one is mindset; anti-private and anti-investment mindset was the major problem. The course was designed so that it could develop the positive mindset too, along with the academics. Secondly, Capacity building; the industries were lacking trained local professionals. The responsibility was also to develop the capacity. Third, Infrastructure; the course revolved around basic notion that the country need to develop infrastructure by itself, infrastructure included hardware and software.’ He also congratulated the whole team of SOIES, Nepal.

Prof Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel

Campus chief of Pulchowk Campus, Prof Dr. Laxman Poudel showed his contentment in watching the magazine grow. He included, ‘We were all so much caught up with the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is amazing to see how each member of the team of SOIES, Nepal was able to be consistent with the magazine. They have presented their attachment with industrial engineering and magazine in a very strong and subtle way. I address the entire members to continue and take this along the long way.’

Campus chief of Thapathali Campus, Er. Janardan Bhatta said, “As I stand here and have my words, my head is held high. The reason is obviously this gathering. It is tentatively smaller than previous years because of the pandemic, but it gives me glimpse of elite group of individuals who are valuables to the nation. I, as the Campus chief and the representative of Thapathali Campus, especially thank all the sponsors who helped our student organization for being part of this.”

Er. Janardan Bhatta (Campus chief, IOE, Thapathali Campus)

“Without INDUSTRY, I believe academic institution can never be strong. Because all we can do here is research, after research it is all upon the industry to take it for production and bring it to market, concisely giving life to a research.” He added.

He also included his perspective of doing works. He said, “I won’t guarantee you the road to the research lab will be well furnished but I can guarantee the lab itself is well-furnished. We, as an engineer need labs in the first place and I, along with my team at Thapathali Campus, am putting all my energy to do the task of prime priority first. I dream of seeing Thapathali Campus as the best research institute of the whole country. “

Chief Guest, campus chief of Thapathali campus and the president of SOIES Nepal were requested to play their part for distribution of token of love. Token of love stood as the resemblance of the bond between the mentors, sponsors and team of SOIES, Nepal.

Prof Dr Shashidhar Ram Joshi started by congratulating the whole team of Industrial Vision. He also said,” I have been working in IOE for 35 years now. And from the beginning of the journey, I have put an emphasis to researches. So, after being appointed as the DEAN, I have sent a letter to the campus here asking all the faculties and students and all other individual who are the academic part of IOE, to be registered in ResearchGate and Google scholar. This is not option; it is the compulsion to all. We, now have to be familiar with quantum computing. I also encourage plagiarism test for the literature tests as it encourages originality.”

Prof. Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi ( Dean, IOE)

Few words from Sujan Kharel, the president of SOIES, Nepal thanked everyone for being part of the launch event and formally gestured the success and completion of the event.

President of SOIES Nepal Mr. Sujan Kharel

The event lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes, starting from 11:15 am to 1:00 am. The event was entitled as a symbol of consistent and resilient efforts during COVID-19 turbulence.