Industrial Vision 1.0

Like those who have learnt, learning people too needs exposure. Learners learning again in the way of “If we are not in the job, then let us talk.” too is advantageous. Industrial Engineering students, enriching themselves everyday with the matters of energy, design and process optimization, material and workers management and likewise, ever build an atmosphere of thinking new within themselves.
And if we talk about what we think, and think about what we talk, this cycle if repeated in a humble and cultured manner, leads us to something called ‘the world of experiments.’ Experimenting with the thoughts and ideas—not merely these—but progressing them with industrial engineering techniques and tools, is certain to be of some value to the students. Engineering field is a place where progresses have domino effect. So, these values created among students are certain to make them authoritative ‘think tanks’ of national and global industrial environment.


This first issue of Industrial Vision has come out after a series of hard work, not only with the ideas of how to make it a success but also on why to bring it to the ‘Industrial talk’. Nepalese industries not only belong to the industrialists but also to those who think about them. Changes in the industries, either that be in technical or managerial, are now not just of economic concern but synchronizing with the visionary ideas of Industrial Engineers they become more of a modern need for Nepalese industrial reform. Platform provided by Industrial Vision, in its coming days, is sure to include all the advancements, problems, stakeholders and students, and best possible solutions to the problems, all following latest engineering knowledge, tools and techniques.

Industrial Vision team and those who helped us by providing their articles, we would say has taken a step – “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind,” We hope this magazine would draw and present all of Industrial Concerns in its further issues.