Industrial Vision Vol. 2

“Continuity gives us roots; change gives branches; letting us stretch and grow and reach a new height”. The first volume of “INDUSTRIAL VISION” sowed the seeds of innovation, optimization and changes and this volume aims to water the seeds sowed a year ago. The support and feedback we received for the first volume has been the driving force for us and that justifies our belief in constant improvement and change. We have the potential; all we need is a platform for exposure. Industrial Vision is a solid platform for Industrial Engineers to bring forward their innovative ideas and vision to show why we are different. We will have to make our identity by ourselves and Industrial Vision is the first initiative in doing so. Ask HR managers and they will talk about a serious shortage of talent. Ask students and they will say there are no opportunities for good jobs. This is where things contradict. Some industries still hire Industrial Engineers from India and Nepalese graduates are in search of a good platform to explore their talent. Industrial Vision provides a good platform for collaboration and co-operation between the stakeholders for a better tomorrow.


The articles in this volume of Industrial Vision have encompassed the new dimensions of Industrial Engineering, environment, energy and entrepreneurship. Articles on new technologies and automation will certainly keep the industries updated with the latest technologies. There are a number of government institutions working independently in this section. But there has been no significant result yet. The dreams of industrial empowerment can only be reached only when we hold our hands and walk together. “Industrial Vision” paves the path forward in doing so. One day Industrial Engineers, industries, government institutions and all other stakeholders will put their hands together and walk in the long awaited path of Industrial Empowerment. Yes, we dream of this and we believe we can make this happen. I have no doubt that Industrial Vision will drive this dream into a reality.

– Santosh Ghimire,
Editor in Chief
Industrial Vision Vol. 2