October 25, 2015

Er. Ankit Shrestha

Ankit Shrestha

Er. Ankit Shrestha
Mr. Ankit is an industrious person. He has a great aptitude for understanding what is required and then delivering it responsibly.

Present: Sales Manager, Kaymu Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Previous: Co-Founder, Clean Concept Group Pvt. Ltd.,Lalitpur, Nepal.
He was also a Part Time Lecturer at Institute of Engineering, Thapathali Campus. He is also a founder member of our society: Society of Industrial Engineering Students – Nepal.

Mr. Shrestha graduated as an Industrial Engineering from Thapathali Campus in 2010A.D.

In a good note, he also shares this special message :
As an Industrial Engineer, there are no limits as per where we want to start our carrier from, because sky is the limit for us. And always remember “We don’t need opportunities We Create them.”