Together, we should pull endeavors, so shall we lead the positive approach of development of the Industrial Sector.

How We Work


We collaborate with industrial stakeholders, experts, and various industrious professionals to bring significant programs, discussions, seminars and many more events of great deal of education, development and economic importance.


We are organized to support the scholars in the industrial engineering discipline through regularly scheduled programs on fields of industrial engineering. ‘Society of Industrial Engineering Students- Nepal’ serves as a forum for development, networking, information sharing, idea exchange and problem solving for the industrial engineering community.


We are dedicated to support the profession of industrial engineering and promote an increased awareness of the value of industrial engineers and lead the nation towards remarkable development.

Industrial Prosperity

We explore momentous sources of productivity improvement information via the Internet, publications, seminars, interviews and discussions including an annual magazine -‘INDUSTRIAL VISION’ to find optimal and practical solutions, which contribute to the success and prosperity of an industrial undertaking, thereby making a fundamental contribution to the creation of wealth.

“Research to Innovation. Innovation to Industry. Industry to Prosperity.”

About Us

Be a Leader
Be a Visionary
Be an Industrial Engineer

Society of Industrial Engineering Students - Nepal is a student-driven dynamic society dedicated solely to the support of the Industrial Engineering scholars, bring meaningful collaborations with the industrial stakeholders, professions and individuals involved with improving quality, productivity, technology, industrial success and prosperity, thereby making a fundamental contribution to the creation of wealth. We incubate leadership, explore collaborative possibilities, and lead Innovative vision through industrial engineering discipline to be followed in mainstream of sustainable development.

Our Team

Saurabh Chaudhary


Sadikshya Gautam

Vice President

Bishal Adhikari


Sharada Poudel

Joint Secretary

Sanjeev Pandey


Denish Maharjan

Executive Committee Member

Nabin Dhungel

Executive Committee Member

Anishma Gyawali

Executive Committee Member

Bijay Raj Gyawali

Executive Committee Member

Board of Advisors

'Innovation with Improvisation. Implementation for Optimization.'

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