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We collaborate with industrial stakeholders, experts, and various industrious professionals to bring significant programs, discussions, seminars and many more events of great deal of education, development and economic importance.


We are organized to support the scholars in the industrial engineering discipline through regularly scheduled programs on fields of industrial engineering. ‘Society of Industrial Engineering Students- Nepal’ serves as a forum for development, networking, information sharing, idea exchange and problem solving for the industrial engineering community.


We are dedicated to support the profession of industrial engineering and promote an increased awareness of the value of industrial engineers and lead the nation towards remarkable development.

Industrial Prosperity

We explore momentous sources of productivity improvement information via the Internet, publications, seminars, interviews and discussions including an annual magazine -‘INDUSTRIAL VISION’ to find optimal and practical solutions, which contribute to the success and prosperity of an industrial undertaking, thereby making a fundamental contribution to the creation of wealth.

Why Industrial Engineering in the context of Nepal?

Industrial Engineering in Nepal: A Pathway to Progress


Nepal, a country nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, has been gradually emerging as a hub for education and innovation. Among the various academic disciplines offered under Tribhuvan University, Industrial Engineering at Thapathali Campus holds a unique position. This article explores the prospects and reasons to choose Industrial Engineering as a field of study in Nepal.

Industrial Engineering in Nepal

Industrial Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on optimizing complex processes and systems in various industries, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and quality. In Nepal, the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at Thapathali Campus under Tribhuvan University is the sole provider of undergraduate and graduate programs in this domain. The campus offers a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering.

Prospects of Industrial Engineering in Nepal

Contributing to Economic Growth: Nepal is undergoing rapid industrialization. With the government's emphasis on infrastructure development, trade, and manufacturing sectors, there is a growing demand for professionals who can optimize production processes and resource utilization. Industrial engineers play a pivotal role in this economic development.

Diverse Career Opportunities: Graduates in Industrial Engineering can pursue careers in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, finance, and more. The skill set acquired during the program is versatile and applicable across various sectors, ensuring a wide range of career options.

Global Demand: Industrial engineers are in demand globally. Nepal's geographical location between two economic giants, India and China, provides opportunities for Nepali professionals to work in international firms or bring their expertise back to contribute to Nepal's growth.

Innovation and Sustainability: Industrial engineering places a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation. Graduates in this field are equipped to create more environmentally friendly processes and systems, addressing global concerns about climate change and resource conservation.

Research and Development: As Nepal seeks to reduce its dependency on foreign technology and innovation, there is a growing need for research and development. Industrial engineers can engage in cutting-edge research and innovation projects, contributing to the country's technological advancement.

Why Choose Industrial Engineering?

Problem Solving: Industrial engineers are problem solvers at heart. They identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and challenges in various systems and find innovative solutions to improve them. If you enjoy critical thinking and making real-world impacts, this field is for you.

Versatility: The skills acquired in industrial engineering are not confined to a single industry. Whether it's optimizing production lines in a factory or improving healthcare processes in a hospital, industrial engineers can adapt their expertise to a wide array of settings.

Global Perspective: Industrial engineering programs often expose students to international best practices and global trends. This perspective is invaluable in Nepal's increasingly interconnected world.

Career Growth: With the demand for industrial engineers on the rise, the potential for career advancement and competitive salaries is substantial.

Industrial Engineering in Nepal, offered by Tribhuvan University's Thapathali Campus, holds significant promise for those seeking a dynamic and impactful career. This field not only opens doors to diverse career opportunities but also equips individuals with the skills and mindset to contribute to Nepal's ongoing industrialization and economic growth. Choosing Industrial Engineering is a pathway to making a meaningful difference in the country's development and beyond.

"As an industrial engineer, our mission is to optimize processes, innovate solutions, and drive efficiency, paving the way for sustainable industrial growth that benefits both the economy and society."

“Research to Innovation. Innovation to Industry. Industry to Prosperity.”

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Society of Industrial Engineering Students - Nepal is a student-driven dynamic society dedicated solely to the support of the Industrial Engineering scholars, bring meaningful collaborations with the industrial stakeholders, professions and individuals involved with improving quality, productivity, technology, industrial success and prosperity, thereby making a fundamental contribution to the creation of wealth.
We incubate leadership, explore collaborative possibilities, and lead Innovative vision through industrial engineering discipline to be followed in mainstream of sustainable development.

“As the President of the Society of Industrial Engineering Students at Thapathali Campus, my vision is to foster a thriving community of future industrial engineers and drive the overall development of our society. Together, let us embrace innovation, collaboration, and excellence, as we empower our members with knowledge, skills, and opportunities. With a united spirit, we will pave the way for continuous growth, impactful projects, and a positive impact on industries and society. Let’s embrace the challenges, seize the opportunities, and create a legacy of excellence in industrial engineering. Together, we can shape the future of our society and make a lasting impact on the world.”

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